About AVN

AVN Media Network is the definitive source for all that is adult entertainment. Founded 34 years ago, it is the world’s largest consolidator of industry news, content and information, as well as a multifaceted corporation that creates, produces, aggregates and disseminates unparalleled content for consumers as well as the business side of the adult industry. In addition, AVN perennially sets the industry standard for live trade and fan events that target the video, internet, novelty and retail sectors of the adult entertainment industry. Most notably, AVN produces a quadruple threat of state-of-the-art events every January in Las Vegas, Nevada, that includes the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo, AVN Novelty Expo and Internext, and annually culminates in the world famous AVN Awards.


As the industry leader, AVN® Media Network, Inc. is dedicated to delivering timely news, expert analysis, trends, proprietary charts, and quality content offerings for the industry professional and consumer. Our focus is to provide the best news coverage, information and content in adult entertainment using state of the art digital media platform solutions, and through accurate, intelligent and conscientious reporting. Recognized and respected throughout the world, AVN is committed to carrying on the tradition of being the premier source for all that is adult. AVN, as the adult entertainment and news source drives markets, influences buying decisions, builds community and defines the industry standards for adult entertainment professionals and fans alike.

Global Presence

AVN® Media Network, Inc. reaches an interational audience via all major digital platforms in addition to traditional methods of distribution. The world-famous AVN Awards, which last year celebrated its 32nd anniversary, is broadcast in the United States and syndicated internationally in Singapore, Canada, United Kingdom, Brazil and many other countries.  Additionally, over 45 percent of digital magazine readers are international and we have attendees from over 48 different countries attending our events.  





AVN® Media Network, Inc. is committed to allowing every citizen freedom of choice as well as the right to voice their opinions. We also support the anti-child pornography initiatives and encourage the industry to be respectful of those people who do not wish to be exposed to adult content. AVN is a strong supporter of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and The Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection (ASACP), a non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating child pornography from the Internet.